The case of the Paranthas (Part II)

August 8, 2008

The hunt for Egg Paranthas

As the case of paranthas continues, this section attempts to have a look at another type of the famous paranthas found in the streets of Delhi – The Egg Parantha.

An egg parantha is made from whole wheat flour (atta). One egg is used to make one of such paranthas. Small balls of dough are kneaded out, till the desired parantha shape (either circular or triangular) is reached. This uncooked parantha is grilled on a pre-heated tawa till it becomes semi-cooked. Then, a layer of the parantha is opened and the egg yolk and egg white are poured in.

The parantha is grilled both sides till it achieves a golden brown shade.

Moolchand Paranthewala

Besides Vikram Hotel, Ring Road

Moolchand Paranthewalla is one of the better known domestic food brands. If you are approaching the Moolchand flyover from Central Delhi, do not take it, but move parallel to it. If you are coming from Okhla or Ashram, do not take the underpass at Moolchand but take the left and move parallel to the flyover. Before the flyover ends, there is a prominent let turn. Take it and look for the crowd.

It is unlikely that there is ever more than one crowd around there, but if there is, look for the one with thick black smoke hanging around it. The paranthewalla does not have a permanent spot around here, and the location on a particular day will vary on the extent of metro construction happening nearby.

They are clear that their strength is the humble paratha, and they don’t deviate too far. Regardless of the extremely limited menu of aloo-pyaaz, mooli and egg parathas, satisfaction is guaranteed for the hungry – and not just because you may be light on funds. And the accompanying chilli pickle and raita taste excellent as well.

At least six people are employed in the business, stationed at various points of the delivery chain for different parathas. All parathas go through the standard “burn” routine which comprises of a quick dip in oil followed by the fire treatment.

For the egg paratha, a single egg is broken on to a pre-burnt paratha and then heated again.


Dhaula kuan

A rather popular egg parantha stall existed at Dhaula Kuan, who specialised in creating the flatbreads in a unique manner –  he flipped eggs over the parantha.

Alas, he was “shifted” ( read- forcibly removed ) by the authorities recently.


Egg Paranthe wala, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg

Opposite Link House, Pioneer Office

Another famous egg parantha haunt, this paranthewala is available after 7 in the evening till the wee hours of the night. The sardar owner takes pride in being “in-the-know” as a majority of his customers are journalists from the plethora of newspaper ofices in the area.